Control the movement of your objects in real time from anywhere in the world using online GPS-GLONASS tracking system Altox


Real-time GPS-GLONASS tracking

Server of GPS-GLONASS  monitoring Altox; Choose a map; Exact positioning of a car; Current movement speed; History of movement and parking time; Real mileage and fuel consumption; Connection of various sensors; Fixing of events (excess of speed, exit from a geozone, sensors, etc.); Display of SIM-card balance; Storage of geozones and POI-points; Tabular reports by dates; Remote blocking of the engine; Simply, conveniently, free of charge!
Use of GPS-GLONASS monitoring system ALTOX does not require installation of additional software, it works by using the WEB browser only!



GPS-GLONASS tracking for business


Corporate transport

Transport fleet monitoring, compliance control with the timetable. Reducing idling time, and increasing the degree of loading. Reducing mileage and fuel consumption up to 30%.

Offsite employees

Observation of the offsite employees: insurance agents, couriers, etc. Exception of human factor allows to increase the speed of customer service. Ensure the security.

Control the goods movement

Monitor the movement of valuable goods and cargo. Can be used for security purpose and control the exact time of opening the container, box, etc.




GPS-GLONASS tracking for private use


Private car

Locating your own car. Planning optimal routes. Using GPS-GLONASS tracking as a security system.

Observation of the family

You will always know where your family members were and currently are, your children, elderly relatives or pets.

Tourism, active leisure

Keep routes of your trips and travel. Attach on them photos and share interesting reports with friends in social networks.




Access plans

  Free $3 / object $10 / object
Positioning in real time yes yes yes
Detailed review of routes yes yes yes
Creating and editing geozones yes yes yes
E-mail notifications about events yes yes yes
Sensor connection of an object yes yes yes
Pack of tabular reports (HTML / Excel) yes yes yes
SIM-card with paid GPRS traffic no no yes
Storage of movement history Month 1 year 1 year
Quantity of objects for an account One Not limited Not limited




Car GPS-GLONASS tracker ALTOX GPS-GLONASS 4 is designed to determine the geographical coordinates of the car and transfer them to the server hardware using technology GPRS. In case of failure GSM connection the device stores more than 10,000 coordinates to the internal memory. Manage GPS-GLONASS tracker ALTOX by calling from a mobile phone and input DTMF commands, SMS commands, online TCP commands from Web-based GPS-GLONASS tracking system Altox.

This technical complex is the ideal solution for tasks:
- tracking of rental cars
- fixing the overspeed
- fixing the car leaving the geozone (e.g. leaving a country)
- control of hired drivers, accurate calculation of work time and mileage
- GPS monitoring in roaming with minimum expenses for mobile communication
- performing startup the engine of the car from mobile phone
- connection of various sensors (ignition, door switch, etc.)
- connection to the standard alarm system or to an alarm button
- hidden installation, due to a tiny size of the device
- ability to block the car engine remotely
There is a version of GPS-GLONASS tracker ALTOX GPS-GLONASS 4T that supports 1-Wire bus, with a possibility to connect a digital temperature sensor DS18S20.