Manage Webasto and Eberspacher parking heaters by a mobile phone using GSM modules Altox

NEW! Mobile Web-application Altox WBUS


GSM control Webasto

GSM control Webasto heaters and Eberspacher heaters


​GSM control module Webasto ALTOX WBUS-4

GSM control module Webasto ALTOX WBUS-4 is designed to manage independent Webasto heaters on digital protocol WBUS, as well any other independent heaters by analogue signal. GSM control module Webasto ALTOX WBUS-4 allows you to run all heaters Webasto, supported by the original program Webasto Thermo Test (heaters with L-shaped and single-board brains without any reflashing, autonomous and re-heaters, new blocks ТТVevo, blocks TTV, TTC from Т5, Т5GP, Q7 and others).

GSM control module Webasto ALTOX WBUS-4 allows you to manage the independent heaters using a mobile phone (set to voice call from saved phone number in the device and pressing the appropriate button on your mobile phone or sending an SMS text message) and additional button installed in the car interior. We added ability to disable the voice menu (all incoming calls are reset), that saves money on the SIM balance.

Also, you can manage the GSM module ALTOX WBUS-4 through the mobile application HeaterRC or Thermo Call (SMS-commands START, STOP and others).


Price: $200



Mobile Web-application Altox WBUS for control Webasto

Mobile Web-application Altox WBUS lets you monitor and control your independent heater Webasto via TCP commands (using the Internet connection), SMS commands and voice call followed by input DTMF-commands from your mobile phone. In the GPRS GSM module Altox WBUS-4 automatically performs balance inquiry SIM-card and transmits this information to the server, which allows you to control the money in the account balance in online-mode. As an additional feature implemented the ability to remote diagnostics Webasto heaters mobile phone (reading and erasing errors) without diagnostic equipment.

After the first download of mobile Web-application Altox WBUS it is stored in your mobile phone and later it will use a minimum of Internet traffic or work without access to the Internet.


Getting started use the application:

1. To activate GPRS in GSM module Altox WBUS-4 - send SMS to phone number of the module SIM-card with settings APN access point apn1:internet, where internet - name of the access point card operator.
In case needed login and password of APN access point, use commands apn2:login and apn3:password. All setup settings can be sent in one SMS separated by commas (e.g. apn1:internet,apn2:login,apn3:password).
In reply you will get SMS with unique ID number of the device and GPRS settings. The inputted GPRS settings will become active in 1 minute (control the working mode of GSM module Altox WBUS-4 by led NET).
After TCP connection with server is done activate independent heater using the button or telephone, to register the GSM module in the system.

2. Visit Web-application page, go to settings and input following data:
 a) your time zone
 b) a unique ID of the device (see. SMS with GPRS settings)
 c) your mobile phone number (used as an access code)
 d) number of SIM-card installed in the GSM module Altox (this field is optional)
 e) click the "Register"

3. On the main page, choose the communication type: TCP (Internet connection), SMS (text messages) or RING (voice call). If you press any button of the control, by selecting the type of connection SMS or RING, the phone will automatically switch to the menu text messaging or voice call, respectively, with the filled fields of telephone number and commands.

4. Menu of the heater status provides current information about the status of Webasto with indication of time ping. The button "Refresh" loads the heater’s data from the server. The button "Request" transmits TCP-commands to GSM module for polling independent heater Webasto.

5. Menu "Diagnostics" allows you to read and erase errors of independent heater Webasto without any need for diagnostic equipment.

6. Menu "Balance" contains information about SIM-card current balance of GSM module Altox WBUS-4 and allows to send any USSD-request (for example, to activate SMS or internet packages services).


Attention! During GPRS (internet) operation, the module periodically may not be available for a voice call. If you do not use management via Internet, turn this option off by sending SMS command "apn1:".